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Humble Beginnings:

I received my introduction to officiating weddings as a local elected official.  When a wedding was scheduled and the mayor was out of town, I stepped in to officiate.  Some of the couples seemed compatible whereas others looked like they might have just met for the first time in the parking lot.  The script I was forced to use was as pathetic as the makeshift altar–absolutely horrible.  Despite all of this, the experience itself was fun and I was hooked!  In 2016, I joined the Universal Life Church and started officiating weddings and eventually, funerals, memorial services, celebrations of life, end of life support and more.  No more awful scripts!


We work together to create, “Your Day, Your Way”.  I enjoy creating the perfect words for your wedding. 

The service locations have been as diverse as the couples I’ve been entrusted to.  I have pronounced couples in restaurants, back yards, living rooms, golf courses, on Air B&B balconies, at dedicated wedding venues, in state parks and barefoot on the beach.  The couples have been Asian and American, Jewish and Catholic, Hindi and Catholic, Portuguese, traditional, gay and lesbian. I even had the distinct pleasure of Co-Officiating a ceremony because that’s what the couple wanted!  On more than one occasion, the wedding attire included Converse sneakers! I was eager to oblige—after all, sneakers make the best dancing shoes.

A portion of one of the weddings even made its way into a music video!  You can watch the whole video here or scroll to the 4 minute mark.  

Wifey’s For Lifey pronouncement
sherri with brides
Victoria & Stephanie – Beach house Airbnb venue.
Read kinds words from Stephanie and Victoria

We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding officiant than Sherri. She was super easy to work with and helped give us the wedding of our dreams! She worked with us throughout the planning process. She allowed us to customize the way we did our ceremony, vows, and pronouncement at the end. (We wanted her to pronounce us “wifeys for lifey”) She was professional, prompt, responsive, and efficient. There were no unwelcome surprises with Sherri. One happy surprise was on the day of the ceremony. As we were getting ready separately, she visited each of us, calming nerves, and delivering messages of love. We highly recommend Sherri for your special day!

Stephanie and Victoria

Read kind words from Gabriella’s mother

Ms. Lynn,

Please allow me to reintroduce myself; my name is Jan Williams and you officiated my daughter’s wedding on July 7, 2018.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to you on several fronts for your calm and professional demeanor. This wedding was fraught with obstacles and stress -as are all weddings-but with highly unusual circumstances!  If you recall, the planning of this wedding was done without the bride, E3 Gabriella Massa, United States Navy. Her now husband Douglas Jenne was working and going to school so he was fairly unavailable. Finding out that “the children” wanted to marry before “Brellie” was stationed in Pearl Harbor for three years-the panic began for Linda and Jan (aka “Mom Squad”).

First task: finding an officiant. What I thought would be a relatively easy endeavor turned into despair.

I posted via a wedding site the specifics of the children’s wishes for their day: Presiding officiant must be fun, must not introduce religious text into the ceremony and have the ability to just “go with it”, as the kids said.  As the wedding dress code specified “sneakers are encouraged” and the bride walked down the aisle to a jazz version of “I Love Lucy”, it was important for Gabby and Doug to emphasize fun in their ceremony, they wanted everyone to laugh and have fun.

The responses I received back from potential officiants were disappointing, as if most had not read the criteria: one referred to my “son” a Navy officer and nearly all advised that they required prenuptial spiritual counseling. Another had the audacity to criticize wearing “casual footwear”, still another wanted to insert “The Book of Ruth” in the ceremony.

Although you were recommended to me by our mutual good friend, I have every belief that it was meant to be that you would be the one to unite our precious children. I had doubts, I admit. Viewing some of your photos while you presided over very gorgeous, highly stylized and obviously meticulously-planned weddings, could Sherri do it????  Could she “roll with it”?

From day one, you made it apparent that you had no thought other than “how can I make this as personal to Gabby and Doug as possible?” Your attention to detail, such as wearing the converse sneakers, to including the very special George Eliot poem, to the genuinely beautiful smile you kept on your face the entire time. Sherri, you were very good at talking the “Mom Squad” down off the ledge, too. Thank you for seeing to us!

You made no judgements, which is key in our family. You brought so much more love and light into that space on July 7, 2018. You brought laughter and sentimental smiles through tears.

The Jenne/Williams/Massa family could not be happier including you in our shared family history.

We bless your name and were so delighted you stayed for the reception!

sherri in golfcart
Sherri in a golf cart


Saying goodbye authentically accelerates the healing process.  Whether the deceased was loved by you or the relationship was strained, we can find the appropriate words as they approach their final resting place. 

Kind words from Val

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Sherri since 2007. She has helped my entire family with her spiritual presence and energy work.

First, she worked and communicated with my dog. Later, she performed her extraordinary energy work on my husband Rob who was ill for about ten years. I have also experienced the benefit of her healing hands. Sherri is an extraordinary healer.

After my husband, Rob passed away, Sherri was the only choice to do his “scattered ashes and Celebration of Life” ceremony! She was thoughtful, intelligent, creative and customized the entire ceremony for my husband’s wishes. She incorporated her knowledge of my husband, especially his sense of humor. When the time came for her to “climb like a mountain goat” up a steep hill into the woods, during a freak snowstorm, to find a spot for his ashes, she was really amazing. Her words were touching, deep and totally what my husband would have said. It was as if she was speaking for him. I was very moved by the whole experience. She lovingly and lightheartedly pointed out that it was my deceased husband who kept knocking over the sunflowers that we had for him. She basically told him to cut it out; that I wanted to have his flowers there and to stop playing games. But that was who my husband was, he had a great sense of humor and he hated any pomp or circumstance. Sherri “saw him” and honored that. I will always remember how creative, moving and beautiful her ceremony was. I would absolutely hire her again to do a ceremony like this or any other important ceremony for anyone that I loved.

Val Waterman

Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust

handprint in ashes in snow

Handling the ashes of another being is by far, one of the most powerful and sacred experiences of my ministry. I remember the first time fondly. The ashes were that of a dog I loved and connected with regularly. I carefully placed a small amount of her in a paw shaped necklace gifted to her owner as a remembrance of the life they shared. That moment of service brought the dog back to life in my memories and heart. On many levels, that “stinky dog”, as I lovingly called her, was the catalyst for so much of my spiritual service to others.

On another occasion, I had the sacred honor of spreading a woman’s ashes over the plot of her long-deceased husband while Bette Midler’s Wind Beneath My Wings played softly in the background. The song finished just as the last of the ashes fell from my fingertips.

Sometimes, the deceased will whisper their wishes in my ear. Such was the case during an ash scattering that took place during a freak snow storm. I could see, feel and hear the person sure as if they were still there in body. Their ash spreading was incredibly sacred, celebratory and even fun. It honored the man beautifully. He and I had a playful dialogue that I respectfully shared with his widow as it unfolded. He told me exactly where and how he wanted to be scattered and why. Once complete, I was guided to rest my hand “on him” as I lovingly said farewell. In life, the man had an incredible sense of humor. Not much changed after he transitioned. It was clear his spirit showed up to put the “fun” in “funeral”.

End Of Life Support:

I also offer end of life support in hospitals and private homes.  It has proven helpful to survivors as well as the person transitioning. 

Read kind words from Sima Isachenko


To this day, you have given my family and myself a beautiful gift in January of 2017. You are an angel in my eyes. I remember I had brought my mother from her holistic treatment from Costa Rica, after realizing there’s nothing more anyone could have done. The fear of losing her while traveling by 2 planes, long layover, dealing with our passports being left in Costa Rica, not sure if we would have to make an emergency landing during the longest 6-hour flight from Panama back to New York. Her soul was ready to leave her sick body. Once we got back in the states, my two sisters have arrived (one from Arizona and one from Detroit) and I thought for sure any moment my mother would pass to the other side. It has been a day or so and my friend’s friend (formerly a nurse) suggested to bring her to the hospital to make things easier for us. On day 3 she was still hanging in there, slowly declining and everyone was just trying to make things more comfortable for my mother. I remember I had posted on a certain group on Facebook for healers and reiki masters asking why it’s been a few days and she still hasn’t passed. What is she holding onto or waiting for? Was one of us being selfish asking her to not leave us? I remember Sherri responded saying she will come do us a favor. Being on hospice, you are only given meds to help ease your pain to make you more comfortable. While standing bedside, Sherri had placed her hands, hovering over my mother’s body over each major energy point called chakras. Right away she felt like all the meds were causing a cloudiness that prevented her from sharing a clear message. Whatever small message she felt, she would tell us. Something that I found super interesting is when she told us that there are 2 male figures waiting to greet her on the other side and I was so confused. I remember my mother talking to someone in front of her in Costa Rica when there was no one in front of her and I remember always asking “who are you talking to?”. It was always my grandmother and great grandmother. Never have met either of them, I never stopped praying to them during my mother’s last days. I believe to this day they helped bring my mother home from Costa Rica. When Sherri said that there are 2 men waiting for her on the other side, I almost didn’t believe it. It must have been my Step dad and my mother’s dad. Sherri said one was hiding behind the taller man. It was heartwarming to hear that since my step dad passed in 2011 and my mother’s dad passed when she was younger. It couldn’t have been anyone else. I guess we don’t choose who will meet us on the other side but it was good to know that she wouldn’t go alone through this process. They were there to help guide her and help her not be afraid to leave this world because there are people that she knows and loves us on the other side. My mom LOVED music with a passion. Sherri had told us that she is already dancing and having a blast. We had jazz playing in the room and I had a feeling that my mother wasn’t a fan of it. She needed something up beat and said “I’m not dead yet” LOL so we started playing one of her favorites, ABBA. The energy in the room instantly changed and were told she was dancing already! I know there was more that she felt and there were a few silent moments where we just let Sherri do the work and the healing part. Before she left, Sherri told us to just whisper our goodbyes in her ear and let her know that her 3 daughters will be okay without her and to Leave the room afterwards. Almost like giving her to permission to cross over. Most people like to pass when they are alone in the room. My mother’s life was taking care of us, her daughters and she definitely felt scared that she will be leaving us behind. We did what Sherri suggested and later on that day, she passed peacefully while we waited out in the hallway. To this day I still think about this and tell my friends about this experience. I got answers I needed to hear. To have this ability to help people is such a gift and I am forever grateful to you!

Sima Isachenko