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Unraveled: From Sibling Abuse to Sacred Self

A Message from the Author

If the term “sibling abuse” is new to you, you may have grown up overhearing parents or other adults brushing off the behavior as “kids will be kids” or “sibling rivalry” instead.   Not to worry.  You’re not alone—even my therapists missed it!  In fact, when I first heard the term in 2016, I dismissed it too!

Unraveled is a courageous look back at where I came from, how I got “here,” what I’ve learned and most importantly, where I’m heading.  Sometimes sad and other times celebratory and thought provoking, the chapters include life defining events that involved people who showed up for me and many more that didn’t—but should have.   The sheer volume of divine timing, internal other-worldly dialogues, and “chance” encounters have provided much encouragement and sustenance on the most challenging of days. 

Writing and beginning to actually live life Unraveled has filled my broken parts with hope.  I’ve come to appreciate some of the gifts from the gruesome.  For instance, the hypersensitivity I developed as a youngster to survive now serves a different purpose in my healing and work with animals.  I am learning to soothe myself with self-compassion, kindness, and self-love.   Creating this book has strengthened spiritual connections, and given me the freedom, courage, and platform to truly appreciate and love my sacred self.

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